Our in-house developed tools help us to focus on what matters most: creating the user experience that helps you realize your full potential, accelerates your business and makes you stand out in the crowd. And they make our technical work easier, which is a nice bonus.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics

Our web analytics tool enables non-technical users to define exactly what will be measured and to customize the analytics code to meet individual requirements. This can save considerable time, effort and costs.

Thanks to our ‘adapt once, control many’-principle, the tracking code is managed separately from the HTML-code. Result: no need for a developer to adjust the code. Your marketing or communication department has control over the entire process. After all, your website is a marketing and communication tool, not an IT-matter. Good web analytics have often proven to be very efficient for e-commerce sites where it is imperative to quickly respond to any changes in user behavior and to follow up the latest marketing initiatives.

Our web analytics framework is designed to interact with various web analytics solutions. Google Analytics is undoubtedly best known, but there are many other powerful web analytics solutions that also do a great measuring job.