Building a strong and global digital brand

Building a strong and global digital brand

from 2013 onwards
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How to manage and optimise your global digital presence, when you’re a dynamic product innovator with subsidiaries worldwide? Alpro initially turned to us for technical support and optimization of their portals, and ended up gaining a strategic partner on their global digital journey.

A European pioneer and market leader in plant-based drinks and food products, Alpro is continuously extending and renewing its range to proactively meet the increasing demand for healthy, plant-based drinks and food products.

Getting people to enjoy healthy food

Alpro values its relationship with its customers, B2B partners and health professionals above all else. They aim to offer them new taste experiences, information on healthier ways to enjoy food and drinks as well as communicate their vision of a sustainable world where more of what we eat comes directly from plants.

Their online presence needed to reflect this mission and client-centric visions, as well as keep pace with their dynamic marketing strategies.

“We wanted to build a partnership with an agency that could provide both technical know-how yet primarily work with a consumer centric approach, an expertise that only a user experience expert could provide. So, in 2013, we contacted Internet Architects. They only needed two weeks to convince us.”
Joke Waelput, International Digital Marketing Expert Alpro

Design Alpro website

Component-based UX enhancement

As Alpro’s operational partner we’ve optimized and for speed and SEO, and making them responsive. With the Alpro portals catering subsidiaries worldwide in 31 languages, facilitating a swift content management is an ongoing concern. To simplify and streamline this process worldwide, using a component-based approach, we’ve restructured the back-end and continue to build a component library.

As Alpro aims to tighten relationships with both Alpro users and B2B partners, we developed the Alpro Loyalty Flex platform. It has successfully turned the previously cumbersome task of setting up consumer loyalty programs into an efficient, flexible and fully automated process.

“Internet Architects successfully manages concurring site enhancement projects for Alpro subsidiaries in no less than thirty countries. We feel they are taking our digital presence to the next level – one step at the time.”
Joke Waelput

Strategic and tactical guidance

Screenshot Alpro website

Today, we give Alpro tactical and strategic guidance on their global digital journey, proposing ways to enhance and innovate the online user experience, while guarding their strong visual branding.

In the coming year, in close collaboration with Alpro, we will further define Alpro’s online strategy and value proposition through a series of strategic workshops and in-depth user research exercises.  

About Alpro


Alpro is the European pioneer and market leader of drinks and food products (plant-based alternatives to yoghurt and cream, desserts and margarines) derived from soya and other plant-based ingredients such as almonds, hazelnuts, rice, oats and coconut. Alpro’s products are known under the brand names Alpro® and Provamel®.

With its head office in Ghent, Belgium, Alpro now has over 1,100 employees in Europe and three production facilities in Belgium, France and the United Kingdom. Alpro markets its products throughout Europe, achieved a turnover of € €522 million US GAAP (€555 million IFRS) in 2016 and continues to experience strong growth.